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Blender Compact Power
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Blender Power Deluxe
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High Speed Deluxe Blender
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    Unique designed blenders

    In the mood for healty juices, shakes or smoothies? Then you need a good blender. Princess electric blenders are available in different formats and sizes. All of our Princess blenders are suitable for making smoothies, juices, milkshakes and sports shakes. The basic tool you need is a blender with a jug containing cutting blades, which can easily blend large ingredients or powder into a smooth liquid. Our blenders have variable speeds for an optimal result.

    Do you want to add crushed ice to your shake or do you prefer to use frozen fruit? Then an ice-crush function, such as the Compact Power blender has, is a must-have. A Princess blender with a jug of less than 1 litre is suitable for one or two glasses at once, while a 2-litre jug can hold up to six glasses.

    A low wattage (250 W) is sufficient to blend fruit, but you require at least 500 W if you wish to blend harder ingredients.

    1. A true eyecatcher thanks to the stainless steel design
    2. Make smoothies, shakes, soups or sauces
    3. Different models, sizes, and power.
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