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Table Chef Compact Black
Item No. 01.103010.02.001
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Long Slot Toaster Cool White
Item No. 01.142330.02.001
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Long Slot Toaster
Item No. 01.142353.02.001
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Toaster Steel Style 2 long slot
Item No. 01.142389.02.001
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Raclette 8 Black
Item No. 01.162910.02.001
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Table Cook Black
Item No. 01.163025.02.001
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Fondue 8 Black
Item No. 01.173025.02.001
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Digital Aerofryer XL
Item No. 01.182020.02.001
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Princess Digital Family Aerofryer
Item No. 01.182050.02.001
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Master Juicer
Item No. 01.201851.02.001
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Champion Juicer
Item No. 01.201852.02.001
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Blender Compact Power
Item No. 01.212070.02.001
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Blender Power Deluxe
Item No. 01.212071.02.001
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High Speed Deluxe Blender
Item No. 01.219500.02.001
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Stick Mixer "The Beast
Item No. 01.221206.02.001
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Hand Blender Smart Control XL
Item No. 01.221215.02.001
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Retro jug kettle
Item No. 01.236028.02.001
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Garment Steamer
Item No. 01.332834.02.002
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    Action radius

    Adjustable steam

    Adjustable thermostat

    App available

    Auto centering function

    Automatic cord rewinder

    Automated cooking program

    Automatic pop-up function

    Automatic shut-off

    Boil-dry protection

    Carrying handle(s)

    BPA Free

    Cancel function

    Ceramic coating

    Collision bumper

    Control panel

    Concealed heating element

    Cool touch handle(s)


    Cord storage

    Defrost function

    Detachable cord with thermostat

    Direct serve

    Dishwasher proof

    Dishwasher proof parts

    Double walled cool touch housing

    Dust pick up on carpets

    Dust pick up on hard floors

    Dust re-emission

    Energy class

    Fries capacity

    Handle with lift system

    Heating function

    HEPA filter

    Ice crusher

    Including measuring bowl

    Ideal for steaming

    Indication ready light(s)

    IP rating

    Item is or works on batteries

    Keep warm function

    LCD display

    Lockable with safety switch

    Main material

    Maximum temperature

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    Measuring cup


    Non-slip feet

    Non-stick coating

    Number of blades

    Number of forks included

    Number of heat settings

    Number of heating elements

    Number of pans

    Overheat protection

    Parking deck to store used pans


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    Power cord length

    Show all… Collapse

    Power indication light(s)

    Pulse function

    Ready signal

    Remote control

    Removable basket

    Removable blade(s)

    Removable crumb tray

    Removable plate(s)

    Rotating function

    Safety switch

    Sandwich clamps

    Size of baking surface

    Speed settings

    • (2)
    • (1)
    • (3)
    • (2)
    • (1)
    • (1)
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    Suitable for fondue type

    Suitable for number of persons

    • (1)
    • (1)
    • (2)
    • (1)
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    Suitable for space up to


    Timer function

    Tube length


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    Adjustable browning settings

    Number of slots

    Non-drip system

    Number of press cones

    Stainless steel pulp filter

    Image title